Mastering  MATLAB   Graphics  

Mastering MATLAB Graphics helps you create sophisticated graphics from MATLAB 7.0. The book describes very detail  how to create and custom features for MATLAB graphics. If you've ever been tired of finding methods to create graphics in the way you like, then this book is what you're looking for. Look at the table of contents, we believe that you'll find methods to create your perfect graphics. With Mastering Graphics Book you'll make your colleague or your supervisor surprises by your professional graphics.

Mastering MATLAB Graphics is an ebook in pdf file on CD-Rom which also includes about 100 graphics M-files ready-to-use for all chapters. You just copy and modify a little of a graphics M-file then you'll have the professional graphics just in five minutes. This book is reviewed by MATLAB staff and promoted at MATLAB Book Program.

This book saves you hundreds of hours in working on MATLAB graphics and makes your presentation graphics look professional.

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