MATLAB   C#    Book

First Edition for MATLAB 7.0 and MATLAB Compiler 4.0

MATLAB C# Book illustrates the works between C# programming and MATLAB. The  book describes very detail how to use MATLAB built-in functions in C# applications. If you are a C# programmer and want to use the quality mathematical built-in functions in your C# applications, to solve mathematical problems in C# programming code, then this book is what you're looking for.

The features of this book are designed to handle following topics:  

  1. Using MATLAB built-in functions in Microsoft Visual C# projects, Console Applications and Window Applications.
  2. Calling MATLAB workspace from C# functions to  perform particular tasks then transfer back results to C# functions by using MATLAB Engine.
  3. Creating and using COM from MATLAB COM Builder in Microsoft Visual C# projects, Console Applications and Window Applications.

This MATLAB C# Book is an ebook in the pdf format on CD-Rom which also includes the complete C# code examples of all chapters . The example codes are developed, compiled, and tested in  MATLAB 7.0 and MATLAB Compiler 4.0. The examples are working on scalars, vectors, and matrixes which are inputs/outputs of functions for every application. In addition, the example codes are portable and presented in the step-by-step method, therefore you can easily reuse the codes or write your own codes following the step-by-step procedure.

The MATLAB C# Book is a great support for C# programmers who are using MATLAB built-in functions to develop applications and solutions. Using the combination of both tools, C# and MATLAB, you have the best tool in your hand to develop and solve your  technical problems. This book is reviewed by MATLAB staff and promoted at MATLAB Book Program.


MATLAB C# BOOK, ISBN  0-9725794-4-3

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