MATLAB   C/C++  Book  for MATLAB Compiler 3.0 (ebook)

MATLAB C++ Book illustrates the works of the C/C++ programming and MATLAB. The features of this book are designed to handle the five following projects:

  1. Working on C/C++ code, we call the mathematical built-in functions in MATLAB C/C++ Library to solve the mathematical problems.

  2. Working on C/C++ code, we call the MATLAB workspace to perform a particular task in the MATLAB workspace then transfer back results to a C/C++ function.

  3. From an existing M-function, we generate a C function in a dll file for a Stand Alone Application.

  4. From an existing C/C++ function, we call this function in MATLAB by writing a MEX- function for this function.

  5. Working on C/C++ code, we want to use MATLAB graphics.

In addition, the book has chapters to help you set up Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 and Microsoft Visual C++ .Net with MATLAB Compiler 3.0.

The MATLAB C++ Book is in the pdf format, and also includes the complete C/C++ code examples of 21 chapters and 7 appendices. The example codes are developed, compiled, and tested in:

        . MATLAB R13 (6.5) and MATLAB Compiler 3.0

This MATLAB C++ Book is a great support for C/C++ programmers who are using MATLAB to develop applications and solutions. The book is promoted at the websites MATLAB and Technical Book Resources.

Using the combination of both tools, C/C++ and MATLAB, you have the best tool in your hand to solve the technical problems.


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