WPF Buttons

We have three WPF - Button projects including all xaml code and cs files.

  1. WPF Common Buttons
    In this project, we build the most common WPF buttons that show in the following video clip. Select one button and then copy the xaml code into your project to use.

  2. WPF Different Shape Buttons
    In this project, we have different shape buttons. So from these projects, you can build your shape button and add more features to it.

  3. WPF Fancy Buttons
    In this project, we have a fancy button that contains some sections. These sections have an icon, background image, and text. This project helps you to build your fancy button with an imaginary fancy style.

    The code of these WPF Button projects is a great support for WPF programmers who wants to have quick and great buttons in the WPF applications.


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